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Wilderness Temptation

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The Temptation of Jesus

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Jesus walking into the Judean Wilderness
Scene 2: Satan tempting Jesus to turn a rock into bread
Scene 3: At the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jesus is challenged to throw Himself off
Scene 4: Satan offering Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if He would bow down and worship him
Scene 5: Jesus refusing to give in to any of the evil ones temptations
Scene 6: The angels coming to minister to Jesus

Lesson points:

This real life battle of 'good versus evil' was recorded for us by Matthew - the outcome - proof that Jesus was indeed the Son of God.After the public joy of His baptism, Jesus left to be alone in the Judean wilderness where He would endure intense attacks from Hisenemy, Satan. Although in a human body, Jesus was God, manifest in the flesh and incapable of giving into sin - as Satan woulddiscover. For 40 physical days Jesus had fasted (a remarkable feat of human endurance) so Satan took an opportunity to attack theLord knowing his human need for food. Knowing the kind of miracles that Jesus was capable of, Satan told Jesus that if He was theSon of God, He should turn stones into bread. (Spiritual application: Do not underestimate how much Satan is aware of our lives,our desires and our needs - we must be on our guard at all times to overcome areas where he could effectively attack us). How didJesus defend Himself? With scripture! "It is written" - the source of bread was more important than the bread itself. Obedience toGod was the foremost priority - Jesus refused to obey Satan. (Spiritual application: It is important to know the bible well, so that wecan apply it.) Next, Satan transported Jesus to the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem, and (using scripture out of context)challenged Him to cast Himself off to see if God's angels would protect Him. Jesus rebuked Satan again using the Old Testament,"Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God". Such an act would have been careless and presumptuous. The final temptation took placeat the pinnacle of a mountain where Satan showed all the kingdoms and glory of the world to Jesus. If He would just bow andworship Satan, then he would give them to Him. If Jesus had given in to this temptation, it would have made Satan His Lord - butJesus stood completely firm using scripture once again. "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve". Theevil tempter found nothing in the Lord Jesus that would react to temptation. Later at the cross he would 'bruise the heel' of theLord, but with His death and resurrection, Jesus would 'bruise the head' of Satan and win the final victory. (Spiritual application:Jesus overcame the temptations as a man dependant on the Father. When we trust the Lord Jesus we have the Holy Spiritindwelling us - and Jesus promised that He that is within us is greater than he who is in the world (Satan). We too can overcome anytemptation when we turn to and rely on God). The Lord Jesus was then ministered to by the same angels that Satan was trying totempt Him with. God supplies our needs in His time!

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