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Water Into Wine

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6 high quality slides in PowerPoint format of the story of the Lord Jesus turning water into wine. Also provided is a printable PDF activity pack.

Water Into Wine<p>Picture descriptions: <p>Scene 1: Jesus arriving at a wedding in Cana with His mother and disciples
Scene 2: Mary telling Jesus that the wine had run out, and Jesus informing His mother thatHis hour had not yet come
Scene 3: The servants being instructed to do whatever Jesus told them
Scene 4: Instructions being given by Jesus to the servants to fill up the 6 stone water potswith water
Scene 5: Water being drawn from the water pot has now turned to wine
Scene 6: The governor of the feast having a conversation with the groom about the best winebeing left to last
<p><p>Lesson points: <p>Cana was a village west of the Sea of Galilee - it is here that Jesus performed His first public miracle - changing water into wine.Being a short distance from Nazareth, it seems that Mary may have been responsible for some of the arrangements as sheclearly has authority to command the servants. Her Son, Jesus was present along with some of His disciples who obviously hadnot witnessed His miraculous power yet. Neither had Mary, but after pondering things in her heart she had an idea of what Hecould be capable of! She knew Jesus could help with the problem that arose and turned to Him for help. (Spiritual application:Jesus was all powerful on earth - we can also turn to Him for help in any circumstance). The answer Jesus gave to Mary is veryinsightful - "My hour is not yet come" - it was not time yet to reveal that He was the Messiah, however He was willing to help.Mary gave instructions to the servants: "Do whatever He commands" (Spiritual application: We should follow those instructionstoo!) There were 6 large ceremonial stone water pots that could hold between 18-27 gallons each, Jesus instructed the servantsto fill them with water to the top, then draw some out and give to the governor of the feast. On tasting the water which hadbeen transformed into wine, he spoke with the bridegroom. At any other wedding, the best wine would be put out first - butthe wine that Jesus had provided was superior to what had been provided beforehand! As a result of this first miracle, Jesusshowed His glory and His followers believed in Him.

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