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The Two Thieves

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6 high quality slides in PowerPoint format of the two theives. Also provided is a printable PDF activity pack.

Scene 1: The two thieves standing trial and the death sentence being issued
Scene 2: Thieves being led to Golgotha (in the background Christ is carrying His cross)
Scene 3: One of the thieves blaspheming by asking Jesus to save the thieves and Himself
Scene 4: The other thief rebukes his friend saying that they were guilty but Jesus was innocent
Scene 5: The dying thief asks Jesus to remember him when He comes into His kingdom
Scene 6: Finding peace, the thief knows that he is going to paradise that day

Lesson points:

In v40 the thief asks the other a very relevant question - "Do you not fear God?" Sadly, the majority of people do not seem tofear God, and think they can make their way through life without Him. This dramatic story however, gives an exceptionally clearpicture of the need to trust in the Lord Jesus when the opportunity is there! Malefactors were 'evil-doers'. These two thieves hadlived lifes of crime and violence and knew their death sentence was merited. They found themselves fulfilling prophesy bydying either side of none other than the Son of God! (Spiritual application: Being 'good' does not earn entry to heaven, no-onewould qualify - the dying thief was anything but 'good', yet he secured a place in Heaven by accepting the ONE way - trusting inJesus). The criminals both began by mocking Jesus, they both witnessed the same events, both heard all His sayings from thecross, and both had the opportunity to trust in Him. Only one, however, took his chance after coming to realize who Jesus was.It was a great step of faith. Jesus looked weak, defeated, mocked, humiliated and alone. Yet the dying thief recognized thatJesus had a Kingdom waiting for Him! He turned to the Lord and asked if Jesus would remember Him. Would Jesus tell him itwas too late? That he was too much of a sinner?... No! Jesus accepted His new follower in love and ASSURED him that he wouldbe in Paradise with Him that day! (Spiritual application: The Bible promises that those who trust in Jesus are secure for eternityand guaranteed entry to Heaven). The other thief would have had nothing to lose if he also trusted in Jesus. He could havebeen saved, but sadly with bitterness he died as he had lived - without God. He had the opportunity of a life time, it was alsohis LAST opportunity. He failed to take it and entered a lost eternity. Two thieves, two choices, two destinations. (Spiritualapplication: God accepts people the way they are. No-one is beyond His reach. If an evil dying thief can be saved - so can we!).

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