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A Test of Commitment

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A Test of Commitment: 15 Challenges to Stimulate Your Devotion to Christ
Chapter One: A Glass of Wine (Jeremiah)
Chapter Two: Scribbling and Salivating at the Doors of the Gate (David)
Chapter Three: A Vineyard in Jezreel (Naboth)
Chapter Four: A Love That's Real
Chapter Five: The Proceeds of a Property Deal (Ananias and Sapphira)
Chapter Six: The Snare of the Devil
Chapter Seven: Ten Silver Coins and a Suit (The Young Levite)
Chapter Eight: Two Mules' Load of Earth (Naaman)
Chapter Nine: Bread and Water in the Prophet's House (Jeroboam)
Chapter Ten: A Different Kind of Fire (Nadab and Abihu)
Chapter Eleven: A Second Ephod (Gideon)
Chapter Twelve: A Piece of Brass (Hezekiah)
Chapter Thirteen: Seven Locks of Hair (Samson)
Chapter Fourteen: The Bleating of Sheep (Saul)
Chapter Fifteen: Love for the World (Demas)

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