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Ten Lepers Cleansed

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This story contains 6 high quality slides in PowerPoint format where the Lord Jesus healed 10 lepers and then only one returned to give thanks. Also provided is a printable PDF activity pack.

ONLY ONE GAVE THANKS<p>Picture descriptions: <p>Scene 1: Jesus arriving at a small village with 10 lepers in the distance <p>Scene 2: They shouted "Jesus master, have mercy on us" <p>Scene 3: Jesus instructs them to show themselves to the High Priest <p>Scene 4: On the way the men are all cured of their leprosy <p>Scene 5: Only one (the Samaritan) returns to thank Jesus who asks where the other nine are <p>Scene 6: Jesus tells the man to arise - his faith has made him whole <p><p>Lesson points: <p>Jesus was travelling toward Jerusalem when He visited a small village in the region between Samaria and Galilee. As he was about to enter, He was called on by 10 men with leprosy, a skin disease with no cure in bible times. They asked him to have mercy on them. (Spiritual application: No one else could cure this illness, they called on the right person!). They were instructed by Jesus to show themselves to the High Priest to confirm that they were healed - and on the way that is exactly what happened! Their leprosy vanished. Jesus had complete control over any situation and in kindness was able to cure the horrific disease that each of the ten men suffered from. (Spiritual application: We have a disease too, one we are born with - its called Sin. Like leprosy it starts small and becomes more and more evident - Jesus is also the only cure to this problem and we must cry to Him for mercy too). Surely all ten would return to find the Lord Jesus and thank Him for his wonderful kindness - but no - only ONE came back and bowed at the feet of the Lord. Jesus asked the man where the other nine were, then told the man to stand up - his faith had made Him whole! (Spiritual application: With his sacrificial death on the cross, Jesus has provided everything we need to have our sins forgiven and be made whole too - however like the Samaritan leper, we have to come to God in Faith and thank Him for what He has done for us.)

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