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Temple Will Be Destroyed

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6 high quality slides in PowerPoint format of the story of the Lord Jesus telling how the Temple will be destroyed. Also provided is a printable PDF activity pack.

Be Strong In Faith

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: As His followers admire the Temple, Jesus informs them that one day it will be destroyed
Scene 2: A false Messiah claiming to be Christ
Scene 3: Rumors of wars and nation rising against nation
Scene 4: Fearful events and great signs from Heaven
Scene 5: Warning of persecution and imprisonment
Scene 6: Jesus urging His disciples to stay strong and in the faith through all their trials

Lesson points:

No one said the Christian life would be easy! As the disciples admired the stonework and beauty of the Temple, Jesus taughtthem that one day not one stone would be left on another. Wondering when this would happen led the disciples to ask whatsigns to look out for. Jesus first warned them that many people would come trying to say that they were the Christ and toldthem not to be fooled. Then nations and kingdoms would rise up and fight against each other. Followed by that would be greatearthquakes, sicknesses, famines, fearful events and signs from Heaven. (Spiritual application: Jesus was dealing in His teachingwith 2 connected but separate events, v20 is concerning the imminent destruction of Jerusalem, v27 was dealing with an evenfurther into the future - His second coming and ultimate judgement). Throughout His whole life on earth, Jesus had knownrejection and prepared His followers for rejection too. They were to expect arrest, cruel treatment, judgement in synagogues,jail forced to stand before kings and governors BUT this would give them an opportunity to tell them about their Lord! Hepromised to give them the words to say so their enemies couldn't accuse them of wrong. Even their parents, brothers, familyand friends would turn against followers of Jesus and hate them the same was as He was hated. Some were even to expectdeath. (Spiritual application: The Bible teaches that all things work together for good to them that love God, and althoughtrials may be difficult to bear, we have to look ahead to a reward in Heaven). If we follow Jesus, we know He can understandeverything we may have to go through, but we should follow the advice He gave to the disciples - to stay strong in the faith!

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