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Sermon On The Mount - Part 3

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Scene 2: Man turning the other cheek
Scene 3: In court a man is offering his coat too when only ordered to give his shirt
Scene 4: Carrying a soldiers equipment for 2 miles when only instructed to carry it for one
Scene 5: Praying for those who persecute you
Scene 6: Good and evil man both receiving sunlight or rain from Heaven

Lesson points:

The natural response when we are treated badly is to retaliate and seek vengeance. Jesus was going to conclude His sermon onthe mount with teaching that would go completely against the natural response. In the Old Testament a law had beenestablished which allowed justice in the form of repayment - "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth". Jesus was not sayingthat this law was wrong, but He was dealing with the issue of seeking revenge. His own life was the perfect example ofshowing love rather than hatred. (Spiritual application: All around we see people seeking personal gain and displaying hatred -to follow the lesson here takes great humility). When slapped, Jesus told them to turn the other cheek. If someone wanted yourshirt - offer them your coat too! If a soldier commanded you to carry his belongings for a mile - then carry them for two.(Spiritual application: A willingness to carry out this behavior will quickly be noticed and will show a love that only truebelievers possess). Doing good to them that hate you is by far the hardest challenge that Jesus set. Praying for and seeking thebest for those who persecute is not natural - but remember, Jesus even prayed from the cross that God would forgive thosewho were showing Him bitter hatred and violence. (Spiritual application: Jesus practised what he preached!) It is easy to lovethose who love us. Family and friends are naturally those we care for, but Jesus pointed out that even the wicked tax collectorscould do this. God supplies the good and the wicked with rain or with sunshine. The blessings we are shown are the same, soour treatment of everyone should also be the same. If we show love to those who love us and ALSO to those who do not loveus, then we display the characteristics of someone who is truly a follower of Christ.

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