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Sermon On The Mount - Part 2

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Salt of the earth and discarded salt that has lost its flavor being trampled underfoot
Scene 2: A city on a hillside, glowing for all to see
Scene 3: Light being hid under a bushel (basket)
Scene 4: Man making peace with other man before offering at the temple altar
Scene 5: Someone committing adultery in their heart
Scene 6: It would have been better to lose eye than enter hell

Lesson points:

As Jesus continued to speak to the crowd on the mount beside Galilee, He instructed His true followers to be salt of the earth.Salt not only added flavor, it preserved and healed wounds. (Spiritual application: While on earth, Christians should displaycharacteristics to the world, bringing joy, preserving hope and helping to heal those with broken lives). Jesus warned them thatsalt can lose flavor and become useless - they would need to maintain their testimony. Darkness is the absence of light. Jesustold the crowd that they were the "light of the world". A city on a hillside could not be hid, and neither should their witness. Acandle has a duty to perform, to illuminate all around and hiding it under a basket would make no sense. (Spiritual application:The Word of God contains the truth and those in darkness need to hear it's message from those who know it!). The teachingthen focused on conduct - first of all on the importance of keeping the law, then on keeping temper under control. If someonewanted to offer a gift in the temple, it was vital to set aside any differences with someone they were angry with first. Moralteaching then followed on feelings of the flesh - whoever looked at a woman with lust would commit adultery in his heart.Jesus urged the listeners to get rid of any area of their live that would keep them from a relationship with God. Rather thanenter hell complete, if their eye caused offence it would be better to pluck it out, or remove their hand it caused them tooffend. (Spiritual application: Obviously Jesus was not meaning we are to literally damage our bodies, but His teaching showshow important it is to cut off any source of sin that would separate us from God.) When we follow God, it is important to putthe teaching from the Mount of Beatitudes into practise to effectively live for the Lord Jesus.

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