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Sermon On The Mount

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Jesus and the crowds following Him to the Mount of Beatitudes
Scene 2: The crowd hear Jesus teach on the shores beside Galilee
Scene 3: Image depicting those who are poor, mourning, hungering, mocked...
Scene 4: The tree and its fruit: Bad trees can not produce good fruit and good trees can notproduce bad fruit
Scene 5: A house on solid foundation which will not fall when storms and floods come
Scene 6: Jesus concluding His sermon

Lesson points:

On a hillside beside the sea of Galilee, the disciples and the crowd listening to Jesus were given the cornerstone principals ofChristian living, a fundamental statement of discipleship, a code of morals that still apply today. The key word for the earlierpart of this sermon is "blessed" - which means "happy" - the inner condition of a true believer which only comes through thework of God. The teaching here is not about HOW to be saved, but describe the behaviour of someone who IS saved. (Spiritualapplication: When a person trusts in the Lord Jesus, they turn their back on their old life and need guidance and advice on howbest to live their new life in the service of God). The teaching given by Jesus was, as always, challenging and also radical. Nodoubt the crowd had never heard a message like it! Verse 3 talks of the "poor in spirit" which simply means humble - those whohave acknowledged their sinfulness, humbled themselves and asked for forgiveness - theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Thosewho mourn will be comforted (Heaven is a place of no tears). Meek will inherit the earth - blessings here and now are availableto those who are not proud...Jesus continued to teach how important it was to be merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers,righteous (even when persecuted) and so on. (Spiritual application: People in the world often display qualities that are theexact opposite - with pride they seek revenge, show no mercy, desire war, live unrighteously etc - Jesus called us to be differentfrom such people). The focus for the disciples was to love their enemies and not to judge others (these will be dealt with in Part2 and 3). The fruit of their lifestyle would be evident. Jesus used the illustration of a good tree that brought bad fruit and a badtree that brought good fruit - something that was impossible to highlight His teaching Someone who is TRULY saved is like aman who laid foundation on rock when building a house - it could withstand storms. (Spiritual application:

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