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Second Coming

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Jesus and the disciples privately discussing on the mount of Olives about thecoming of the Son of man
Scene 2: The disciples being reminded of Noah and the conduct of the people is his days
Scene 3: Noah entering the ark and the flood taking away those who ignored the warning
Scene 4: 2 men in a field, one taken, one left
Scene 5: 2 women grinding in a mill, one taken, one left
Scene 6: Master of the house would be watching if he knew when the thief was coming

Lesson points:

The Bible does not tell us the date and time of the return of Christ. Jesus makes it completely clear in v36 that no man, or evenAngels, know the appointed time - it is the Father only. The teaching of Christ here on the mount of Olives is regarding therapture which happens before the tribulation, where believers in the Lord are snatched up from earth to meet Him in the air.(Spiritual application: We should pay attention to the lesson here - we must be ready for that event because it could happen atany time). The disciples were reminded of the story of Noah where God poured out righteous judgement on the earth for theirsin against Him. The condition of their hearts was self-gratifying and pleasure orientated. They chose to ignore the warnings ofNoah, a preacher of righteousness and were totally unprepared for the sudden outpouring of wrath. Only those who believed(Noah and his family) didn't miss out on God's plan of salvation. (Spiritual application: Society on the whole today disregardsGod's Word and warnings, and unless individuals turn to Him in repentance, they too will perish). There is a great separationbetween saved and lost and Jesus highlights this with two clear examples - two men in a field - one is left and one is taken, andtwo women grinding in a mill - one is left and one is taken. The suddenness is so dramatic. Advice is given by the Lord - "Watch".If a master knew that a thief was going to come to his house at a certain time, he would be ready. Jesus will return like a thief inthe night when no-one expects - so we too must watch and be ready.

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