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Samson's Vengeance

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Revenge and Havoc

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: On hearing that his wife has been given to another, Samson is furious
Scene 2: After collecting 300 foxes, Samson sends them in pairs into the Philistine crops with theirtails on fire
Scene 3: His wife and her father being arrested by Philistines and taken out to be burned
Scene 4: In response, Samson slaughters a great number of the enemy
Scene 5: At the top of the rock Etam, the men of Judah come to take Samson and hand him over tothe Philistines after promising not to kill him
Scene 6: After being handed over the spirit of the Lord took hold of Samson and he took hold of ajawbone and slew 1000 Philistines with it
Scene 7: God answers Samson's request by providing water from a hollow in the ground

Lesson points:

Revenge, revenge, revenge! Samson's commission from God was to cause havoc among the wicked Philistines and he certainlyfulfilled his calling! They called Samson 'the destroyer of our country'. The circumstances in Samson's life that were negative wereused by Samson to bring about victory. Firstly: he returned to his wife's father with a gift of a kid goat, but he had given her toSamson's best man as he thought he didn't want his daughter. In response Samson collects 300 foxes, pairs them up and sets fire totheir tails. The result when they ran to the fields was the destruction of the Philistine crops, vineyards and olives. (Spiritualapplication: We often assume that Samson was merely a warrior with 'limited intelligence' - this is not the case! He had amazingorganizational skills, his riddle was clever, and although quick to anger, he displays a sensitive heart - we must be careful not tojudge anyone). Secondly: with their crops devastated, Samson's wife and her father were taken out and burned by his enemieswhich fueled a deep rage within Samson - in v8 he smote the Philistine with a 'great slaughter' before climbing to the rock Etam tobe alone. It is sad that 3000 of his own people - men of Judah, came to arrest him instead of help him. On their promise not to killhim, Samson submits, was bound and handed over to the Philistines. Thirdly: Samson breaks loose, picks up a jawbone and with theSpirit of the Lord on his side, mightily slays 1000 men! After the battle he asked God if he was going to let him die of thirst - Godanswered and (like he did for Moses) provided water from a rock - endorsing Samson as the rightful judge of Israel. He wouldcontinue to judge for 20 years. (Spiritual application: It is encouraging that God was willing to use Samson despite the failures thathe is often remembered for. Samson received no help from his own people, but continued to serve God alone. His name is recordedin Hebrew 11 alongside the great heroes of Faith!)

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