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Samson's Riddle

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Samson viewing a Philistine woman at Timnath who he wants to marry
Scene 2: Manoah and his wife arguing with Samson that he should take a wife from among hisown people, meanwhile Samson is instructing them to get the woman for him
Scene 3: At the vineyard of Timnath, Samson slaying a lion that roared against him
Scene 4: Later Samson returns and takes honey from the carcass of the Lion to eat and sharewith his parents who know nothing of where it came from
Scene 5: At his wedding feast, Samson offering a riddle and a bet to his 30 'companions'. (If theyfailed to work it out they would owe him 30 changes of garment - if the succeeded, hewould supply them a set of garments each.)
Scene 6: Samson carrying garments from 30 men he had killed
Scene 7: Samson storming off in anger leaving his weeping wife

Lesson points:

Women were the greatest downfall of Samson. When he set his eyes on the Philistine woman at Timnath, he simply had tomarry her, despite the warnings and disappointment of his parents. Samson could have married a Hebrew girl from his ownpeople as intermarrying with the ungodly was forbidden, but God would take this event as an occasion to begin a work ofdeliverance for His people. (Spiritual application: God can take us in our sinful condition and turn things around for his glory).We see the mighty power of the Holy Spirit working through Samson when he tore apart they young lion that attacked him onthe road to Timnath. He told nothing of this event to his parents, nor did he tell him that the honey he gave them shortlyafterwards had came from the carcass of the lion. One of the Nazarite vows was to refrain from touching dead animals - clearlySamson had broken this commandment. At the week long wedding feast Samson was given 30 'best men' to keep himcompany. His riddle "out of the eater came meat, out of the strong came sweet" baffled them till the point that they threatenedhis wife that they would burn her and her father if she did not tell them the answer. After relentless weeping Samson finallygave her the answer and lost the bet. Samson took the lives of 30 men then took their garments to pay off his debt. In his fury,Samson left to calm down, but during his absence, his wife was given by her father to another husband. (Spiritual application:Life is much fuller when we live the way God intended and follow His commandments.)

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