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Sadducees and Resurrection

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This story contains 6 high quality slides in PowerPoint format of the Lord Jesus speaking to the Sadducees about Resurrection. Also provided is a printable PDF activity pack.

SADDUCEES AND RESURRECTION<p>Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Sadducees asking Jesus the question about marriage in Heaven
Scene 2: Moses writing the law
Scene 3: The first of the wife's husband dying and being buried by his brothers
Scene 4: Image depicting the next 6 brothers dying one by one
Scene 5: At the resurrection there is 1 wife and the 7 husbands she had on earth
Scene 6: Jesus teaching that God is not God of the dead, but of the living

Lesson points:

The Sadducees were the rich and aristocratic members of the Jewish society. They hated Jesus and did not believe what He wasteaching in the synagogue. They did not believe that people would rise from the dead, so came to Jesus with a hypotheticaland contrived scenario to try and make a nonsense of the concept of resurrection. Moses had written a law that if a man'sbrother were to die, then he was to marry his wife to continue his seed. The Sadducees invented a story where 7 brothers inturn died after all being married to the same woman, and questioned Jesus on which brother would be married to her in thelife after. (Spiritual application: The teaching of life after death is found throughout the Bible - the Old Testament as well as theNew Testament clearly show that mankind will rise from the dead - whether they believe it or not!). Jesus focuses His exampleon Heaven, the destination of all those who trust in Him alone. Those who trust in Him will become like the angels and areneither male nor female. They will not be married or given to each other in marriage in Heaven. They will enjoy a fuller life in aneternal family where the intimacy of marriage will be openly enjoyed by all there. To prove His teaching, Jesus spoke of Moses(who the Sadducees had already mentioned). He spoke of the burning bush where God called Himself "I AM" (present tense)the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham had died hundreds of years before, but clearly God classed him as alive. Oursouls are eternal, and although death on earth is the result of sin, we all WILL rise again from the dead. (Spiritual application:Our memory verse (v38) teaches that everyone at every time is alive to God).

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