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Parable of the Sower

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Spreading the Word of God

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Sower scattering the seed
Scene 2: Seed that has fallen on the way side
Scene 3: Seed being trodden down and devoured by the birds of the air
Scene 4: Seed that fell on rocky ground growing
Scene 5: Seed on rocky ground withered away due to lack of moisture
Scene 6: Seed that fell among thorns growing
Scene 7: Seed on thorny ground being choked up
Scene 8: Sower scattering seed on good ground
Scene 9: Good ground has produced good crop bearing a hundredfold

Lesson points:

Parables have 2 meanings - one is earthly and simple to understand - the other has a Heavenly meaning that requires somethought. Jesus often used illustrations from every day life to bring out a spiritual truth. A large crowd was listening to the LordJesus as He gave them the story of the sower. Even the teaching of our Lord received a mix response - some listened and believed,others were impressed but didn't take it onboard, others disregarded it immediately. (Spiritual application: The Bible is God's Word -we should read it, believe it and act on it!). Mentioned in this parable are 4 kinds of outcomes, representing 4 types of hearers. Thejob of the sower was simply to scatter the seed. In the parable, he represented a preacher spreading the Word of God. The firstbatch of seed Jesus mentioned landed on the pathway - it was quickly trodden on and eaten by birds as it took no root in theground. This seed represented those who heard but were unresponsive and Satan quickly took away the Word from them. Thesecond batch landed among the rocks and started to grow, but due to lack of moisture quickly withered away. This seedrepresented those who seemed to have believed, but when persecuted quickly fell away as their roots were not truly planted. Thethird batch landed among thorns that choked the seed as soon as it grew. This seed represented those who again appeared tobelieve but were choked with other concerns and dangers around, riches, lusts, cares of the world - which took priority over thegospel. The last batch landed on good ground, grew strongly and bore fruit, some as much as a hundredfold. This seed representedthose who were TRULY saved as the gospel took heart, remained and bore fruit to prove it. (Spiritual application: When teachingthe Bible, our responsibility is to 'sow the seed', the responsibility to respond is with the hearer alone.)

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