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Moses Trapped at the Red Sea

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Cloud by day and fire by night

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Children of Israel being led towards the Red Sea by the pillar of cloud at day time
Scene 2: Children of Israel being led towards the Red Sea by the pillar of fire at night time
Scene 3: Pharaoh sending his chariot army to pursue the Hebrews
Scene 4: The escaped Israelites trapped at the sea with high mountains on either side
Scene 5: The cloud that had led the Hebrews going behind them to block the chasing chariots
Scene 6: Moses lifting his hand over the Red Sea as God had instructed

Lesson points:

After the death of the firstborn in Egypt, Pharaoh had finally agreed to let Moses and his people leave for three days only toworship God - but God had other plans! He appeared to the children of Israel in a glowing cloud - the 'Shekinah glory ofYahweh' (The same cloud would later fill the Tabernacle and the temple of Solomon). The cloud would go in front of His peopleand lead them during the day, then change to a pillar of fire at night, enabling the people to journey at all times. The peoplewere led to the northern delta region to a dead-end at the Red Sea where it would 'appear' to the people and Pharaoh that theyhad made a mistake in their escape route. (Spiritual application: The Hebrews began to wrongfully fear and grumble to Moses -a pattern that would repeat itself frequently in the days to come - we must try not to complain or worry, but instead rely on theGod of Heaven who is in control of all things). The furious Pharaoh sent his impressive army of 600 chariots to pursue the slavesthat had escaped, but as they approached the Red Sea, God blocked them with His glorious cloud that moved between themand His people. (Spiritual application: 14:4 teaches that God had planned this opportunity to bring glory and honor to Hisname and prove to the Egyptians that He is the Lord - we can clearly see the power of God from the Bible and should nevermake the mistake to doubt Him). Moses assured the people that they would not have to lift a finger in defense - he instructedthem to simply stand where they were and watch the Lord rescue them with His mighty power. With the army of Egypt behindthem and nothing but deep sea in front, the children of Israel watched Moses follow God's instruction to lift his hand over thesea. What happened next would completely silence the hard-hearted Pharaoh!

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