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Moses returns to Egypt

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Moses and Aaron visit Pharaoh

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Moses reuniting with his brother Aaron after God told him to meet Moses in thewilderness (Moses' wife and sons in the background)
Scene 2: Aaron and Moses telling the defiant Pharaoh to let God's people go
Scene 3: As the guards become even more brutal, Pharaoh is instructing the Hebrew foreman
that they must collect their own straw whilst making the same amount of bricks
Scene 4: Moses praying to God as the people grumble against him and Aaron
Scene 5: Following God's instructions, Aaron's rod turns into a snake before Pharaoh
Scene 6: The staffs of the wise men summoned also turning to snakes
Scene 7: Pharaoh refusing to let the people go, meanwhile the snake from Aaron's rod consumesthe other snakes

Lesson points:

God's great plan of delivery for His people in exile was underway. Aaron went to the wilderness to warmly meet his youngerbrother Moses as God had instructed him to do. On hearing from Moses the signs that God had planned, they went to speakwith the leaders of Israel who soon were convinced that Moses had been called by God - they worshipped the Lord who hadseen their misery and heard their cries. (Spiritual application: God knows all of our situations and also hears every one of ourprayers). The brothers stood before Pharaoh who failed to grant their request, instead he pointed out that they were holdingthe Hebrews back from working. Things would have to get worse before they got better as the slave masters became morebrutal and Pharaoh forced them to work even harder! They would now have to collect the straw that previously had beenprovided for them, yet still be expected to produce the same amount of bricks! The people turned on Moses and Aaron,blaming them for the extra work. Moses could not understand why God had sent him, but God would use Pharaoh's hard heartas a platform to display His power and might to His people. (Spiritual application: It is easy to moan and grumble and when wedo, we often miss opportunities to see the greatness of God). It was time to revisit Pharaoh, however things did not turn out asMoses expected - after Aaron's rod turned into a snake, Pharaoh's wise men were able to use secret arts to 'recreate' a similar'miracle'. Although Aaron's snake consumed the Egyptian snakes in front of Pharaoh's eyes, he still hardened his heart furtherand refused to listen. The time to smite Egypt with the wonders of God using 10 divine plagues was about to unfold...!

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