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Moses Crossing the Red Sea

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The Great Escape

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: As Moses lifts his staff , God makes a path through the Red sea
Scene 2: Moses leading his people and their animals through on dry land
Scene 3: As the cloud lifts the Egyptian chariots start to pursue the Hebrew slaves
Scene 4: In chaos their chariot wheels fall off and the water closes in on top of them
Scene 5: The defeated chariots and charioteers under water
Scene 6: Miriam leading the women in praise with timbrels (tambourines)

Lesson points:

Moses had put his faith and trust in God. He had made the choice to turn his back on a life of luxury as an Egyptian prince tosuffer with the people of God. His calling at the burning bush seemed a long while ago and now he was faced with hisgreatest trial of faith yet! With the whole restless nation of Israel between him and a fearsome Egyptian army with no seemingway to escape, Moses had to believe that God was in control. (Spiritual application: We are often faced with situations in lifethat seem impossible, where there seems no way through - we need to turn to God who knows our circumstances and will helpus overcome them). What happened next was a turning point for the nation of Israel - it is hardly surprising that the spectacularparting of the Red Sea caused the Hebrews to fear God and put their faith in him and His servant Moses! All the people escapedon dry land between the walls of water to the safety of the other side. When the cloud lifted the Egyptians witnessed the paththrough the sea and foolishly continued their pursuit of a people who were clearly under protection of the one true God.(Spiritual application: The creation and majesty of God is so clearly visible all around - we should follow Him and haveconfidence that He knows better). As the pride of the Egyptian army travelled along the seabed it was not long before theirarrogant decision to follow was shown to be the wrong one. The wheels of their chariots broke off and they knew God wasfighting on the side of their enemy. God instructed Moses to lift his staff over the water again and the mighty waters camecrashing down killing every one of Pharaoh's army that had followed God's people. (Spiritual application: God always giveswarnings before judgment. 10 plagues had already displayed His power even before the glorious cloud and amazing paththrough the Red Sea - these signs should have been listened to. In the Bible God warns us of judgment for our sins - but willgladly forgive us if we ask Him to). The children of Israel were finally free! They could see the bodies of their enemies on theshore. Miriam had watched Moses being found by Pharaoh's daughter in a basket as a baby. Now she was able to lead thewomen in dance and celebrate the victorious leadership of her younger brother. She gave credit to God for His glorioustriumph.

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