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Moses and The Passover

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Death of the Firstborn

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Hebrew family looking after a spotless lamb in their own home
Scene 2: Blood being applied from the sacrificed lamb with hyssop branches onto the doorposts and lintels
Scene 3: Family eating Passover meal consisting of roasted lamb, bitter herbs and bread madewithout yeast. They are wearing clothes ready for travel, with sandals on feet andwalking sticks in hand
Scene 4: The Angel of death passing over Egypt at midnight
Scene 5: Pharaoh with dead firstborn son finally telling Moses that he can leave Egypt with hispeople
Scene 6: Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt with their animals. An Egyptian woman isgiving her jewelry to one of the freed slaves

Lesson points:

The Passover is one of the most well known Biblical stories and also one of the most celebrated events in history. The judgmentand Salvation of God is clearly demonstrated by the warning and choice that faced every family in Egypt. God gave Moses clearand distinct instructions that he passed onto his fellow Hebrews and warned Pharaoh about. The King had made his nationsuffer already with nine horrific plagues due to the hardness of his heart - now the survival of every firstborn son and animal inEgypt lay on his shoulders. He had the opportunity to listen but remained stubborn. (Spiritual application: Many people todaycan clearly see the power of God all around, but still refuse to listen to Him or trust His Word). Moses instructed each family totake a lamb with no blemishes to live in their home on the 10th day till the 14th day to make sure it was perfect - then thelamb would have to be sacrificed and the blood applied to the door. God passed over the land at midnight to take the breathaway from the firstborn of every house - but those who had heeded His warning were saved. Never before had there beenwailing in the Land of Egypt like was heard the next morning when every Egyptian household lost their firstborn. (Spiritualapplication: God has warned us about judgment that we will face if we ignore His Word - but like the perfect lamb, Jesus wassacrificed in our place on the cross. If we trust in Him, our sins will be covered by His blood). Pharaoh called for Moses to let himknow that he was free to take his people and go from the land. The Egyptian people had respect for Moses and gladly gavetreasures to God's people as they left to set out for the promised land.

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