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Moses and Plagues of Egypt

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God strikes Egypt with His Wonders

Scene 1: Pharaoh hardening his heart (this slide could be used between each plague)
Scene 2: Plague 1: Moses and Aaron at the Nile where God turns all the water there and in storagepots to blood, causing a foul stench and the death of the fish in the Nile
Scene 3: Plague 2: The entire land is covered with vast hordes of frogs from the river - they fill ovens,bowls and even the Egyptians beds
Scene 4: Plague 3: Aaron striking the dust of the ground which changes into swarms of gnats
Scene 5: Plague 4: Egypt thrown into chaos by thick swarms of flies throughout Pharaoh's palace andall the other Egyptian homes - even the ground was covered with them
Scene 6: Plague 5: God sends a plague on the Egyptian livestock and the animals begin to die
Scene 7: Plague 6: Moses threw furnace soot into the air which caused boils to break out on thesurviving animals and all the Egyptians (including Pharaoh's wise men)
Scene 8: Plague 7: Powerful plague of hailstones that killed the Egyptians out in the open who failed torespect God's warning. Animals, crops and trees were also ruined
Scene 9: Plague 8: The east wind brought a vast swarm of locust from border to border that devouredall fruit and plants that survived the hail - the land was stripped of greenery
Scene 10: Plague 9: Terrifying darkness descended everywhere - except where the Hebrews lived

Lesson points:

Considering the spectacular wonders of God so clearly displayed in these first 9 plagues - it is hard to believe how stubbornPharaoh was! (Spiritual application: The power of God is still clearly visible in creation today but sadly many harden their heartsand continually refuse to believe - we can use Pharaoh's example to challenge the children). We see a futile resistance of a proudKing against a Creator with overwhelming and limitless power. - Briefly remind the children of Pharaoh's response to each plague:Blood and Frogs: His wise men used secret arts to 'replicate' the miracle so he refused to listen. Gnats: Wise men knew it was fromfinger of God, but he remained stubborn. Flies: He agreed to let people go then changed his mind. Livestock: Despite knowingthat Hebrew animals were unaffected he still hardened his heart. Boils: Every Egyptian was in agony with horrific sores butPharaoh refused to listen. Hail: Pharaoh had been told that God could easily have wiped him and his people from the face of theearth, he promised to let the Israelites go as his country was ruined by the hail - when it stopped he broke his promise. Locust:Pharaoh agreed to let only the men leave before the locust arrived - during the plague he confessed to Moses that he had sinnedagainst God and promised to let people go - when the plague left his stubbornness returned. Darkness: Knowing that theIsraelites had been unaffected by the darkness (or any other plague), he finally agreed to let people go. This time he meant it...buton the condition that the Hebrew animals remained - on hearing that Moses required every animal to go, Pharaoh in a rageshouted that he would kill Moses if he ever saw him again! (Spiritual application: Remember that the people of God wereprotected - when we trust in God He is on our side and we do not have to fear). In the next story we will learn of the tenth tragicplague that followed to finally break the cruel defiant ruler of Egypt...a visit from the angel of death.

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