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Joseph's Brothers Visit

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Disguise and spies!

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Elderly Jacob sending all his sons except Benjamin (shown beside him)to buy grain from Egypt
Scene 2: View of Egyptian provisions with queues waiting to buy supplies
Scene 3: Joseph viewing his brothers who do not recognize him - they are bowing down to him justas his dream foretold
Scene 4: Joseph accusing them of being spies to test their characters
Scene 5: Simeon being led to prison as Joseph releasing his other brothers back to fetch Benjamin
Scene 6: On the way back one of the brothers discovering that the money he paid had been placedback in his sack of grain
Scene 7: At home Jacob refuses to let his youngest son Benjamin leave. (note all the bags of moneyare visible showing that they had ALL had been put back in the sacks)

Lesson points:

The famine in Israel was intense. Jacob looked at his sons who were sitting around looking at each other - it was time to seek helpand look for food elsewhere. Everyone knew Egypt had provisions, so Jacob sent all his sons except Benjamin to purchase grain inthe foreign country. (Spiritual application: Unknown to Jacob and his sons, God's plans were perfectly working out!) On theirarrival at Egypt the brothers came face to face with a powerful Egyptian Lord, a man who had only to answer to Pharaoh - theyinstantly bowed at his feet. The Egyptian was their long-lost brother. Joseph recognized them - but they were completely obliviousto his identity as he cleverly spoke to them through an interpreter. With a wise plan in mind, Joseph accused them of being spies!As they were arrested the brothers pleaded their innocence and stated that they were honest men - Joseph questioned themabout life at home. They spoke of their younger brother Benjamin and a brother who was no longer alive. To test their honesty,Joseph freed all his brothers except Simeon - who would be held ransom until they returned from Canaan with Benjamin to provetheir words were true. (Spiritual application: Joseph controlled his emotion and displayed great dignity with no thought of revenge- an example to us all). Secretly Joseph made sure that each brother had his money returned in their sack of grain. This was notdiscovered by Jacob's sons until one night on their journey when they opened their sacks and were surprised to find their money infull. This would be very difficult to explain on their return to Egypt...but that was something they would not have to worry about -for now! Jacob forbid them to return. Benjamin was to stay at home with him, he believed he had lost Joseph and now Simeon,Jacob was not about to lose his youngest son too...however the famine was about to get worse - their grain would soon run outand a trip back to Egypt would become a necessity.

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