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Joseph Rules Egypt

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prisoner to prime minister!

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Pharaoh selecting Joseph to be the man in charge of leading his people through thecoming famine
Scene 2: As second in command over all of Egypt, Pharaoh is giving Joseph his own royal ring
Scene 3: This image helps the children understand the transition of Joseph from Hebrew to Egyptianappearance
Scene 4: Joseph riding the 2nd in command chariot with the crowds bowing down
Scene 5: The wedding of Joseph to Asenath
Scene 6: Joseph years later with Asenath and their 2 sons - in the background provisions are beingcollected from the prosperous land
Scene 7: After the 7 years of plenty, Joseph and Pharaoh looking out over the ravished land duringthe 7 years of famine

Lesson points:

Within one day God raised Joseph from a prisoner to the Prime Minister - he was elevated to the 2nd in command with onlyPharaoh over him! His interpretation of Pharaoh's dreams showed that God was clearly in is life, and Pharaoh spoke these words tohis wise men "Can we find a better man than Joseph to take this job? God's spirit is truly in Him" (Spiritual application: Living forGod may not be easy - but when it is done with humility and devotion, people take notice!) Pharaoh gave Joseph (who was now 30years old) his own ring, fine clothes, a robe, a royal chariot and a brand new name 'Zaphenath-Paneah' which means "God speaksand He lives". He was also given a beautiful wife named Asenath who was daughter of the priest of On. He began travelsthroughout all the land of Egypt to administer his responsibilities in saving the land. Before long Joseph and Asenath had 2 sonswhom they named Mannasseh and Ephraim...not Egyptian, but HEBREW names. (Spiritual application: Far away from home itwould be easy to forget your roots or principals that had been taught as a child, but Joseph proved by his children's names that hehad not submitted to the false gods of the Egyptians. Joseph is a fine example of how to stay faithful to the one true God nomatter where we are - even in an ungodly foreign culture). As God had revealed to Joseph, there were 7 years of plenty, and withwisdom one fifth of the produce was stored in the cities for rationing during the 7 years of famine that followed. The unknownslave had become the savior of Egypt and true to character, Joseph excelled in the task that Pharaoh had entrusted him with. Thefamine spread beyond Egypt, other nations around were suffering. In Canaan there also was a famine...!

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