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Joseph Revealed

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Great Reunions

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Joseph's brothers bow low and plead to Joseph not to take Benjamin away from his father
Scene 2: The servants and Egyptians are all sent out the room by Joseph
Scene 3: After telling them to come close, Joseph reveals his identity to his speechless brothers
Scene 4: Joseph and Benjamin embracing
Scene 5: With Pharaoh's joy, Joseph and his family send his brothers home to let Jacob know theirnews and invitation to dwell in Goshen
Scene 6: Jacob learning of the fact that Joseph is alive and second in commmand of Egypt
Scene 7: At Goshen the entire family of Jacob watch on as Joseph weeps on his fathers neck andembraces him for a long time

Lesson points:

The climax to the story of Joseph is a moving and fitting end to this wonderful tale recoreded in the Word of God. We can not helpbut feel emotion and satisfaction as we see the plan of God fulfilled in Joseph's life. Despite the enormous difficulties and trials hefaced, Joseph is a true testament in staying close to God and overcoming hardship. (Spiritual application: The same God whoworked in Joseph's life wants to work in our lives too.) At dawn Joseph's brothers loaded their donkeys up again and returned toface the Egyptian ruler. In great fear they fell before Joseph and pleaded that they would be his slaves. Their love they had foundfor Jacob was clearly shown when they put their lives on the line for Benjamin. Their guilt for their past wrongs was obvious - theyhad lived with it all these years and knew if Jacob lost Benjamin that it would be the final straw. Convinced of their repentance,Joseph sent all the Egyptians out and asked his brothers to come close. Imagine the scene as Joseph revealed his identity to hisspeechless brothers - this mighty Egyptian ruler was none other than their long lost brother whom they had sold as a slave toMidianite merchants! Joseph hugged each of his brother in turn and assured them that what they meant for harm, God had usedto save his people. (Spiritual application: God can turn any situation around and use it for His glory). Pharaoh was delighted tohear the news (showing the value he had for his second in command), and insisted that Joseph's family were transported to live inGoshen, the best region and would be provided with the best the land had to offer! Jacob could not believe the news, but when helooked at the wagons and chariots, he knew it must be true - he would get to see the son he loved and thought he had lost. Hecould die in peace. God had truly blessed Jacob. For 17 years he had looked after Joseph as a youth in Caanan, now Joseph wouldlook after his elderly father in Egypt for the last 17 years of his life! It was a long time since Joseph dreamed the dreams that causedhis brothers to envy him - now his family finally understood that these were true revelations from God and that Joseph had beenused in the divine purpose of their Lord.

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