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Joseph in prison

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the butler and the baker

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Joseph in charge of all the other prisoners
Scene 2: Two new prisoner arrive - Pharaoh's butler (cup bearer) and baker
Scene 3: The butler and baker awake troubled by their dreams. Joseph offers to interpret them withthe help of God
Scene 4: The butler's dream of 3 budding branches. They produce grapes which he presses into acup, then passes onto Pharaoh
Scene 5: The baker's dream of 3 baskets of baking that he carried on his head. The birds then eatfrom Pharaoh's basket which was at the top
Scene 6: As the baker is lead to his death, Joseph asks the butler to mention him to Pharaoh whenhe is restored to his former job

Lesson points:

Even in prison Joseph excelled! His character was witnessed by the prison warden who quickly placed Joseph in charge over all theother prisoners. He didn't have to supervise Joseph in any task that he was given - it was clear that the Lord was with him.(Spiritual application: The conduct and behavior of someone who loves God should show a dignity and contentment that isobvious to others). Some time after Joseph had entered prison the butler and baker of Pharaoh both offended him and were put inthe same prison as Joseph. Potiphar put Joseph in charge of them. Later, they both had dreams that troubled them. Seeing theirdistress, Joseph offered to interpret their dreams through God. The butler held a very important job - cup bearer meant he was alsoa confidant of the king (Nehemiah held this post in Persia). He dreamed of 3 branches that budded then produced grapes whichhe squeezed into a cup for Pharaoh. The interpretation was favorable - in 3 days he would be restored to his former job! The bakerhearing good news for his colleague was keen to have his dream interpreted too. He dreamed that he carried 3 baskets on his headwith different pastries. The top basket contained baked goods for Pharaoh which birds began to swarm around and eat. The newswas not good - in 3 days the butler would be beheaded, his body impaled on a pole and birds would peck at it! The revelationsfrom Joseph were precise and exact - God was working out his plan. (Spiritual application: Sometimes things happen in life that wecan not find an explanation for - but we can rely on the fact that God is in control of every area of our lives). Pharaoh's birthday was3 days later and the baker was led out for his execution whilst the butler was restored to his former position. Joseph asked him tomention his innocence to Pharaoh - but 2 years would pass before he would remember about the Hebrew slave that couldinterpret dreams. Although the cup bearer forgot all about Joseph - God didn't! If Joseph had been freed from prison after 2 weekshe would, at most, be restored to his job as a slave - in God's time however - there was an amazing plan about to unfold beyondwhat Joseph could ever have dreamed...!

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