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Joseph and Potiphar's Wife

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Joseph resists temptation

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Potiphar giving instructions to his new slave - his wife is admiring Joseph
Scene 2: Joseph soon is promoted to be in charge of other slaves. Potiphar is watching asJoseph efficiently runs his household
Scene 3: Joseph strongly resisting Potiphar's wife who was persistently harassing him to sleepwith her.
Scene 4: Potiphar's wife falsely accusing Joseph while holding his garment that she has torn offwhile he fled from her advances
Scene 5: Furious Potiphar commanding Joseph to be imprisoned
Scene 6: The innocent Joseph is locked in Pharaoh's prison

Lesson points:

This story, although difficult in many ways to share with youth is SO important. Our young people are growing up in a society thatseems to increasingly put them under pressure and temptation with immorality. Joseph is a true role model for his conduct andnature in which he successfully resisted temptation. (Spiritual application: With God on his side, Joseph was successful in everyarea of his life - even when things seemed impossible! The relationship he had with God helped him no matter what situation hefound himself in). It didn't take long for Potiphar to pick up on the exceptional nature of his new slave. He prospered with everytask he was given. Crops grew better, livestock flourished and his household ran smoothly when Joseph was in charge! Joseph wasput head over everything and when complete administrative responsibilities were entrusted to him, he didn't let his master down.(Spiritual application: Believers should have a testimony in the work place, they should be the best employees - trustworthy, hardworking and committed - they should work for their employer as if they were working for God). Not only was Potiphar impressedwith Joseph - his wife was too! The Bible teaches that Joseph was strong and handsome, and while Potiphar was away, shefrequently invited Joseph to sleep with her. Joseph had to resist temptation, not just once, but over and over again - it would havebeen easy to turn his back on God in this foreign land where no-one knew him, but he stayed faithful, knowing that giving intoPotiphar's unfaithful wife would have been a direct sin against God. He also respected his master Potiphar and would not abusethe position he had been given. One day Potiphar's wife grabbed Joseph's garment to drag him to her bed - but Joseph fled andleft his garment in her hands - the insulted, rejected woman used this as 'evidence' as she screamed that Joseph had tried to rapeher. Potiphar heard her story on his return and with fury had Joseph thrown in prison. (Spiritual application: We know the end ofthe story - Joseph didn't! Yet STILL he remains faithful to God. When his life was crumbling all around, he continued to live for God,accepting that somewhere God had a plan for his future).

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