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Joseph and Pharoah's Dream

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Joseph meets pharaoh

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Pharaoh dreaming of 7 fat cows on bank of the Nile with 7 skinny cows coming out of theriver to consume them
Scene 2: Pharaoh dreaming of 7 skinny ears of corn consuming 7 fat ears of corn
Scene 3: Wise men and magicians failing to interpret Pharaoh's dream
Scene 4: Remembering his faults, the butler mentions a Hebrew slave to Pharaoh, and explains thathe interpreted his dream in prison 2 years earlier
Scene 5: Joseph being called out by guards with washing and shaving equipment
Scene 6: Joseph with a change of clothes before Pharaoh in his palace explaining 7 years ofprosperity and 7 years of famine
Scene 7: Pharaoh listening as Joseph advises that a man should be chosen to oversee plans to saveEgypt by retaining one fifth of all the produce during the 7 years of prosperity

Lesson points:

God is always in control - in the Bible, He influenced Persian Kings, Babylonian Kings, Roman Caesars - and here an EgyptianPharaoh! His dream was not random scattered thoughts - it was a prophecy of the next 14 years in the nation of Egypt! AlthoughPharaoh had no idea what his vision meant, he clearly was troubled and sought answers from his trusted wise men...but to noavail! Present was the butler who finally remembered the Hebrew slave that had interpreted his dream 2 years before. (Spiritualapplication: Would Joseph have lost his faith in prison? Was he sulking in self pity? No! He knew that God was involved in everyarea of his life and His wonderful plan was about to become clear...!) In preparation to come before Pharaoh, Joseph was washed,shaved and clothed, then brought out to do something that none of Pharaoh's advisers could do - work out what his dreamsmeant. Joseph displays humility again by explaining that the gift he had came from God, he was merely a spokesman. When helistened to Pharaoh's dreams, God gave Joseph the interpretation right away. 7 cows were eaten by 7 skinny cows, then 7 full earsof corn eaten by 7 sickly ones - both dreams were similar in outcome - and in essence meant the same thing. It was doubleconfirmation that God's message was established. The translation given to Joseph - simple - 7 years of prosperity and abundancefollowed immediately by 7 years of utter famine that would make them forget the years of plenty. (Spiritual application: In the timeof Elijah a famine that lasted three and a half years almost destroyed Israel, a SEVEN year famine would decimate Egypt and wipe itoff the map - it is important to listen to God's warnings). Joseph recommended that a discerning and wise man should be set overthe land to oversee officers. To ensure the survival of Egypt he recommended that one fifth of all its produce should be stored to beused when God brought the promised famine. Pharaoh was impressed and convinced - all he needed to do now was appoint aman who fitted that description...!

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