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Joseph and Benjamin

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The Silver Cup

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Jacob saying farewell to Benjamin after allowing the brothers to take him to Egypt.They are loading up the their donkeys with gifts and twice the amount of silver
Scene 2: Joseph viewing his brothers returning
Scene 3: Manager of house reassuring brothers that he had received silver for their previouspurchase. In the background the donkeys are being fed and Simeon is being released
Scene 4: As the brothers bow to Joseph, he points to Benjamin and asks if he is the youngest one
Scene 5: Overcome with emotion, Joseph weeps in private
Scene 6: The brothers astonished to be seated in order of age, and view Benjamin's portions whichare 5 times bigger than theirs
Scene 7: Joseph instructing the manager of the house to place the money back in the sacks, and puthis silver cup in Benjamin's sack
Scene 8: At dawn Benjamin is arrested while his brothers plead innocence and tear their clothes

Lesson points:

We can understand the struggle for Jacob. His beloved son Joseph had been lost, Simeon was imprisoned in a foreign country andnow he would not let his precious Benjamin out of his sight in fear that he might lose him too...but desperate times call fordesperate measures! 2 years into the famine with all their grain used up meant another trip to Egypt - but the brothers could notreturn without their youngest brother - a condition made clear by Joseph. (Spiritual application: The Bible instructs us not to worry- it is not easy, but we must remember God is in control in every area of our lives.) With gifts of honey, spices, nuts etc. the brothersset off for Egypt with twice the amount of silver. On their arrival Joseph instructed his steward to invite them to his house for ameal at noon - it caused great fear among the brothers who expected to be taken as slaves. But on explaining to the manager ofthe house that the silver had re-appeared in their sacks on their previous visit, he reassured them that it must have been the Godof their father as no money was missing! Simeon was released from prison and as the 11 brothers bowed to Joseph he asked ifBenjamin was the youngest brother they spoke of. Joseph had to rush out to weep in private. (Spiritual application: Regardless ofwhat his brothers had done to him, Joseph loved them and had already forgiven them - The Lord Jesus wants to forgive us tooregardless of our sin). Joseph controlled his emotions and had the brothers seated in order of age, which amazed them. ThenBenjamin was served 5 times the portions of his brothers! Joseph needed to know if they had genuinely changed and decided toperform another test - before they left the following morning, Joseph had his silver cup placed in Benjamin's sack along with themoney he had paid for the latest batch of grain. At dawn, not long after they had left the city, the brothers were stopped,questioned as to why they repaid good with evil and searched from the oldest to the youngest. They pleaded their innocence andsaid they would be willing to die if the silver cup was found...but their confidence was devastated as Benjamin's sack wasopened...it was time to go back to face the Egyptian ruler!

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