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John The Baptist

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: John the Baptist - "a voice in the wilderness" (note locust - part of his diet)
Scene 2: Crowds coming to River Jordan to be baptized
Scene 3: The Pharisees are accused of being a brood of vipers. John is also pointing out thestones that he said God could raise sons of Abraham from
Scene 4: John preaching that trees would be cut down at the root and thrown into the fire
Scene 5: Someone giving one of their coats to someone who doesn't have one
Scene 6: A soldier and tax collector are given advice by John
Scene 7: John telling of the coming Messiah and says he is not worthy to unloosen the latchfrom His sandals.

Lesson points:

John the Baptist was unique! He was the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth, a cousin of the Lord Jesus and entrusted with the taskof being the forerunner of Christ. When Jesus compared him to all those born of women in the Old Testament, He concludedthat none were greater than John. His strong character and purpose where evident from beginning to end. His unusualclothing and diet, along with his dynamic preaching could not help but draw crowds. When he had a crowd, he certainly tookthe opportunity to preach and warn them, leaving no doubt that they needed to repent from their sinful condition. (Spiritualapplication: Repent means to have a change of mind and a change of conduct - to turn away from sin and ask God forforgiveness). When the religious leaders turned up, John did not hold back! He openly accused them of being a "generation ofvipers!" They boasted in their decendency from Abraham and thought they were saved as a nation, but John then warned thatGod could raise up children of Abraham from the stones. Fruit should be evident, or else the useless tree would be chopped atthe roots and burned. (Spiritual application: If a person has truly trusted in God, the evidence of a changed life should beobvious). As a practical example, John urged them to share what they had with those in need - if they had 2 coats, give one tosomeone without. To the tax collectors present, he told them not to collect more than was due, and to the soldiers to becontent with their wages, don't falsely accuse and refrain from violence. John's purpose was to make people aware of thecoming of the Messiah - to prepare a path for Him. He fulfilled his duty with great passion and charisma, even King Herod cameunder his correction. But John the baptist, although great, was completely overshadowed by the Lord Jesus, as was fitting. Johndid no miracle. He knew that even he was not worthy to unloosen the sandals of the Lord Jesus!

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