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Jesus and John The Baptist

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This story contains 6 high quality slides in PowerPoint format where John asks his disciples to go and speak to the the Lord Jesus to find out if he really is the Messiah. Also provided is a printable PDF activity pack for use with young children, that is, activity sheets with puzzles and coloring in based on the story.<p>Imprisoned John asks about Jesus <p>Picture descriptions:
Scene 1: Imprisoned John sending his disciples to question Jesus
Scene 2: John's disciples asking Jesus if He is the one that would come or should they look for another
Scene 3: After instructing them to tell John of miracles He has performed, Jesus preaches to the crowd
Scene 4: John in the wilderness preparing the way of the Lord
Scene 5: Children in the marketplace calling to their companions
Scene 6: Jesus summing up His message to the crowd <br><br>Lesson points:

John was a radical figure. He had his own disciples who responded to His hard-hitting preaching. But his job was not to accumulate followers for himself, but to point people to the Son of God. From prison, John instructed two of his followers to investigate the works of Christ that he had heard about. The disciples of John asked Jesus "Are you the one that should come, or should we look for another". (Spiritual application: Jesus was the one! He was the Messiah, the Son of God. Today we also have no need to look elsewhere). Jesus reminded them of the blind receiving sight, lame walking, lepers cleansed, deaf hearing, dead raised to life and poor having the gospel preached to them. These miracles were signs and wonders to prove that Jesus was the Messiah. As they left, Jesus began preaching to the crowd about John. He asked them if they went to the wilderness to see a reed shaken with the wind, or a man clothed in soft garments - no - they went to see a prophet. But Jesus made it clear that John was more than a prophet! He was the fore-runner for Him. Jesus said John was greater than all those born of women in the Old Testament, but the least in the Kingdom of Heaven would be greater than John! (Spiritual application: Sinners who trust in Jesus will receive eternal life in Heaven and enjoy greater joy that this world has ever known). Jesus warned them if they had ears to hear then they were to listen. Their generation was like children sitting in the markets calling to each other - their childish behavior and lack of purpose or decision-making resulted in them doing nothing. John and Jesus both came under criticism that was completely unmerited. Faults were invented - John wasn't eating or drinking so they said he had a devil, Jesus was eating and drinking, so they said he was a drinker and a glutton, a friend of tax collectors and sinners. (Spiritual application: The Bible makes it clear that Jesus IS the Son of God, we should accept that without question and follow Him.)

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