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Jacob's Ladder

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Angels on a staircase!

Picture descriptions:
Scene 1: Jacob travelling from Beersheba to Haran
Scene 2: Jacob finding a stone to use for a pillow
Scene 3: While asleep, Jacob dreaming of a ladder from earth to Heaven and the angels of Godgoing up and down on it
Scene 4: The Lord giving message from the top of the staircase
Scene 5: Jacob waking up in awe and fear
Scene 6: Using the rock that had been his pillow, Jacob making an altar and anointing it with oil.

Lesson points:

Jacob had obtained the birthright of his firstborn twin brother Esau by taking advantage of his hunger - he then deceived hisfather Isaac into giving him Esau's blessing too. The result? Jacob had to flee for his life into a far land until his brothers angersettled down. Tired on his journey between Beersheba and Haran, Jacob lay down his head on a rock to sleep when anextraordinary vision came to him in a dream. A "ladder" or staircase appeared between earth and Heaven that angels ascendedand descended! At the very top was the Lord who spoke to Jacob and made it clear who He was - the God of Abraham andJacobs father Isaac. (Spiritual application: Remember, there is only one true God - He created the world and everything in it, Hespoke to Jacob in a dream, and He speaks to us today through His Word - the Bible). Despite his failings, Jacob was given atremendous promise from God - the land all around him would be his, his seed (children and their children) would be as thedust of the earth and spread abroad, north, south east and west. The Lord also promised to be with Jacob and never leave him!Jacob awoke out of his sleep and knew the Lord was in that place. - the "gate of Heaven". He was afraid and amazed anddecided to stand the rock up to make a monument to God. He called the place where he met God "Bethel" which means "Houseof God". He anointed the rock with oil. It was Jacob's turn to make a promise - he promised that the Lord would be his God andvolunteered to give one tenth of all that he had to the Lord. (Spiritual application: Even though we fail God, He still provides uswith opportunities to follow His plan for our lives). In John 1:51 Jesus referred to the story of the staircase and presentedHimself as the stair between Heaven and earth.

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