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Israelites in Egypt

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Hebrew Slaves

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Pharaoh viewing the Hebrew people and planning how he might control them
Scene 2: Egyptian task masters forcing Hebrews to work hard
Scene 3: Midwife with a Hebrew woman who is expecting a baby
Scene 4: Task masters whipping Hebrews and forcing them to work even harder
Scene 5: Pharaoh instructing Shiphrah and Puah, the Hebrew midwives to kill any newborn boys
Scene 6: Pharaoh ordering all the baby boys to be thrown into the Nile

Lesson points:

After the death of Joseph and his brothers, their descendants had many children and grandchildren and before long theHebrew race had grown so large that they soon filled the land of Egypt. There arose a new Pharaoh though who did not knowJoseph. He was a ruthless violent King who began a hatred for the Hebrew race that would change history. His concern wassimple - he feared that the foreigners dwelling in his land would rise against him and fight for his enemies if a war broke out.His solution was to force them into slavery instead and wear them down with heavy work. (Spiritual application: God's peoplehave faced persecution through the ages, people in the world often reject God, and we should not expect an easy life followingHim!). But Pharaoh's plan did not work, the more he forced labor on the Israelites, the more children seemed to be born, so theslavery became more bitter and intense and the hours were longer. In a desperate attempt to reduce the Hebrew population,Pharaoh ordered the Hebrew midwives Shiphrah and Puah to let baby girls live, but kill the boys. In fear of God, the midwivesdisobeyed the King and allowed the male children to survive. (Spiritual application: We must always obey God rather than man- following His will is vital, regardless of the cost). The midwives explained to the furious Pharaoh that the Hebrew women werestronger than his Egyptian woman and simply gave birth before they had even arrived - God richly blessed them for preservingthese precious babies. The ruthless leader of Egypt then ordered a horrific command - all baby boys were to be thrown into theriver Nile...shortly after there would be a mother of a baby who defied these instructions. God had a great plan for this child.

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