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Gideon Defeats the Midianites

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Gideon giving instruction that anyone afraid to fight the Midianites should go home
Scene 2: At the river Gideon watches as some Israelites lie face down to drink and some crouch
Scene 3: Gideon and Phurah overhear a Midianite's dream at the edge of their camp
Scene 4: Instructions to use a torch, vase and trumpet are given by Gideon
Scene 5: The Israelites with their vases smashed and torches blazing blow their trumpets
Scene 6: Chaos in the Midianite camp as 120,000 of the enemy fight and kill each other whileGideon's men watch from the hillside
Scene 7: The triumphant Gideon draws his sword and leads his 300 men in pursuit of theremaining 15,000 who tried to escape

Lesson points:

When we think of heroes we think of Gideon! This ordinary young man triumphed in an extraordinary battle - but Gideon wouldonly claim the victory was won because God was behind it. His original army of 32,000 possibly could have taken victory against135,000 enemy soldiers on their own strength if they fought hard enough, so God reduced the size of the Israelite army to showthat the victory was beyond human capability. Firstly 22,000 took the opportunity to go home because they were afraid. Godgave further instruction - anyone who crouched down to lap water from their hand could stay, anyone who lay face down todrink from the river had to go home which left only 300. Each Israelite would have to defeat 450 Midianites! Without God thoseodds were now impossible. (Spiritual application: We face obstacles in life that we can't overcome in our own strength, but Godpromised to be with Gideon, and will do the same for us if we trust Him). Knowing Gideon needed reassurance, God arranged afurther sign - at the edge of the enemy camp he overheard a dream from a Midianite mentioning Gideon by name and affirmingthat he would defeat them. Gideon worshipped God then followed His instructions, no matter how strange they seemed - theweapons to be used were a flaming torch, hidden by a vase and a trumpet. (Spiritual application: No matter how unusualinstructions from God may seem - we are expected to follow them). At midnight Gideon's 300 soldiers spread around the hillsaround the valley and on his command they smashed their vases on the rocks which blazed flames all around, their trumpetsblew, sounding like a vast army and they cried "a sword for the Lord and for Gideon". The Midianites were suddenly awakenedand in panic began fighting each other. The Israelites stood back and watched as God won an amazing victory! Gideon had beenchosen to defeat his captors and finished the work he had been given - he completely defeated all those who stood againstGod's people.

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