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Gideon Chosen By God

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: While Gideon is threshing wheat near the Midianite wine press he is amazed when theAngel of the Lord chooses him to lead his nation against their enemy
Scene 2: After Gideon has placed food on a rock the Angel of the Lord sets it alight by touching itwith a staff
Scene 3: Gideon destroying the local Baal statue
Scene 4: Joash defending his son Gideon the next morning from a mob who wish to kill him
Scene 5: Gideon calling troops to join him in the coming fight
Scene 6: At night, Gideon seeking assurance using the test of the sheepskin rug
Lesson points:

In a period of 250 years, God raised up 7 judges in response to cries from help from His people after rebelling against Him,worshipping false gods and then suffering the consequences. Gideon was the 4th of these judges. The previous judges weremilitary leaders or civil governors - but Gideon seemed a complete nobody! The weakest member of the weakest family in theweakest tribe of Israel, but God's plan for his life was very special indeed. (Spiritual application: We sometimes may not feelimportant - but God places great value and has plans for each of our lives). For 7 years the Israelites had been held captive bythe Midianites, an enormous well organised military nation. They boasted 135,000 soldiers. When the Angel performed amiracle before Gideon, it endorsed the young man as the one God had chosen to lead his people against the might of theenemy. Moses had earlier warned God's people to destroy idols to false Gods, but not only had they failed to do this, many ofthe people (including Gideon's father) were worshipping them! The statue to Baal had to come down and Gideon destroyed itduring the night. (Spiritual application: Sometimes we have to go against our friends and family to do what God wants). Joashfinally seen sense when a mob came to kill his son - he told them if Baal was a real god - he could defend himself - so the peopleleft Gideon alone. (Spiritual application: God in Heaven is the only true God.) With the spirit of God within, Gideon raised anarmy of 32,000 Israelites. Gideon was human - he had doubts like all of us. He asked God to provide another sign using hissheepskin fleece. In the morning he wanted his fleece to be wet and the ground dry - God answered his request, but Gideonwas still needing assurance and asked for the ground to be wet and the fleece dry. With great patience and love God answeredthis request too. Gideon's faith was strong - it would need to be - less than 1% of his army would remain to fight in the battlethat lay ahead!

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