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Food and Clothing

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Jesus teaching about food and clothing
Scene 2: Birds of the air being fed by the Heavenly Father
Scene 3: Trying to add a cubit to stature or moment to lifetime just by thinking about it
Scene 4: Jesus showing the lilies of the field
Scene 5: Solomon in all his glory
Scene 6: Jesus urging his listeners to seek first the Kingdom of God

Lesson points:

How difficult is it not to worry! As children we are much more carefree, but as the responsibilities and pressure of life grow withage, it is easy to fall into the trap of constant anxiety. Jesus continued His sermon on the mount by teaching that worrying is anunnecessary burden. Using simple and easy to follow examples, His ministry, which focussed on reliance on God, was practical andchallenging. (Spiritual application: We do have 'needs' in life - but God knows what they are and will provide them). Firstly thesubject of food/drink and clothing are mentioned - Jesus pointed out that life was more important than food, and the body moreimportant that clothing - if we have our priorities right, we can concentrate on following God's will, then things will fall into place.(Spiritual application: Belief that God will provide our needs is much more fulfilling than living with constant doubt, insecurity andlack of faith. ) The birds of the air don't sow, reap or gather food in barns - God provides for them, even though Jesus said they aremuch less important than we are. To clarify further how futile worrying is, Jesus challenged His listeners with a question which hadan obvious answer - "Can anyone add one cubit unto his stature by thought?" (Also translated, "Can we add another moment to ourlives by thought") - clearly the answer is no. It is pointless! The attention was then turned to nature, Solomon with all his glory andeffort was not arrayed like the beautiful flowers that existed with no toil or worry, or the grass of the field that was there one dayand burned the next. (Spiritual application: God is the creator and sustainer of all life, if we remember this we have every reason tohave complete confidence and faith in Him). The conclusion was simple - do not worry about tomorrow - tomorrow will worryabout itself! If the Kingdom of God is something we have in view and seek after, then the time we waste worrying will no longer bea problem. With faith we should rely on God for TODAY, and relax in the knowledge that our loving God will also take care oftomorrow - when it comes!

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