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Faith as a Mustard Seed

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This story contains 6 high quality slides in PowerPoint format depicting the teaching of the Lord Jesus when the disciples asked: "Lord increase our Faith." Also provided is a printable PDF activity pack.<p>GROWING FAITH<p>Picture descriptions: (scroll to bottom of page for <i>thumbnails</i>) <p>Scene 1: A mustard seed <p>Scene 2: Jesus instructing his apostles that if their faith was as big as a mustard seed they could command the bush to uproot.... <p>Scene 3: ....and plant itself in the sea - and the bush would obey! <p>Scene 4: A servant coming in from working is not asked to join the master, but rather to prepare something for him to eat then have his food and drink later <p>Scene 5: The servant performs his duty without expecting thanks - his job is to do what the master asks <p>Scene 6: Jesus pointing out our duty to simply do what He says <p>Lesson points: <p>"With God, all things are possible". First thing to note is the request from the disciples which leads to the story of the mustard seed and the master with his servant - they ask in Luke 17:5 "Lord, increase our faith". The word INCREASE shows that they already had faith - they were saved - but wanted help to posses even more faith. (Spiritual application: Sometimes a lack of faith means that we rely on ourselves instead of God - once we trust in the Lord Jesus, our faith should grow deeper and deeper). Jesus, as He often did, gave them a visible example from a nearby mulberry bush. He told them if their faith was as big as a mustard seed (which isn't very big!) then they could ask the bush to uproot and plant itself in the sea - and it would obey! The disciples were being encouraged to believe that the impossible could be accomplished when they gave themselves over to God in faith. (Spiritual application: A tree grows and takes nourishment from soil then bears fruit - when we follow Jesus, we can draw nourishment from Him as we grow, then bear fruit in His service). An example was then presented of a servant who returned from ploughing or watching sheep. His master asked him to prepare food and drink. His duty was to serve the master first. He didn't complain, neither did he expect praise or thanks - it was his responsibility to serve. In our service to God, we should remember the words of Jesus "We don't deserve any special thanks, We have only done the work we should do". (Spiritual application: Remember, Jesus the King of Kings took on the role of a servant when He came to this earth - we should gladly do the duties which please our master!)

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