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Death Of Samson

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Samson's capture and final victory

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Samson carrying the city gates from Gaza up the hill being watched by the men who weregoing to capture him. (Prostitute is on the roof)
Scene 2: Philistines bribing Delilah to find the source of Samson's strength
Scene 3: Delilah repeatedly asking Samson for the truth
Scene 4: Each time as the captors come, Samson awakes and frees himself after giving falseinformation
Scene 5: Delilah having Samson's hair shaved off to make him weak like any other man
Scene 6: Samson with his eyes removed and chained up in prison
Scene 7: Samson being led by a boy into the Philistine temple where he is mocked.
Scene 8: Samson pushing the central pillars apart and killing all of his enemies

Lesson points:

The birth, life and death of Samson were all dramatic! With an awesome display of power, Samson defied his waiting, would-becaptors when he left a prostitute and carried away the city gates on his shoulders. They could never defeat him in open battle whenhe had the Spirit of the Lord on his side...but his downfall would be at the hands of his greatest weakness - women. The NazariteSamson was forbidden to touch wine - but he became infatuated by Delilah from the 'valley of grapes'. (Spiritual application: Themoment we ignore God's teaching, all kinds of trouble can arise). The Philistines were desperate to capture Samson and offeredDelilah a massive financial bribe to uncover the secret of his strength. At first, Samson misled her with false answers - 7 greenstrings, new rope, weaving his hair into loom etc...and the hiding Philistines could do nothing to capture Samson. However thecloser Delilah got to the truth, the more Samson seemed to be oblivious to the danger he was in. (Spiritual application: Mixing withthose who despise God will have a bad effect - Samson became so comfortable and so far from God that he didn't even realize thatthe Spirit of God had left him!) Finally Samson gave in to Delilah who had his hair removed while he slept. Samson lost his strength,his eyes, and his favor with God. The mighty warrior who proudly carried the city gates was blind and broken. BUT Samson was notforgotten by God. His hair began to grow again in prison and he had time to think about his mistakes. Later when he was led out tobe mocked at a Philistine celebration, he prayed to God and asked for help one last time to avenge his enemies for taking his eyes.God heard his prayer. As Samson stood between the 2 main pillars his strength returned and his final act of power brought theentire temple to the ground. (More people died here than in the collapse of the twin-towers.) Samson had taken thelives of manyPhilistines in his life - he took even more in his death. God restored His chosen judge with one final heroic victory.

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