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Daniel Decoded

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Daniel Decoded: Deciphering Bible Prophecy
The book of Daniel is perhaps the most half-read in all the Bible! The first half is full of well-loved Sunday School stories and the second contains complex prophecies about the end times.

Brian Johnston explores both halves in this engaging study, which is sure to get you thinking - about both the present and the future!

Chapter One: Migrants, an Alien Culture and a Ham Sandwich

Chapter Two: God's Man Comes Through

Chapter Three: The World's Hottest Fire

Chapter Four: Becoming Bestial

Chapter Five: Let the Critics Eat Their Words

Chapter Six: Faced With Injustice

Chapter Seven: The Rise and Fall of World Empires

Chapter Eight: The Brilliant Madman Who Hated Israel

Chapter Nine: Daniel's Seventy 'Sevens'

Chapter Ten: Spiritual Warfare
Chapter Eleven: The Bible's Most Detailed Prophetic Chapter
Chapter Twelve: The End

Paperback 88pp Published 10-10-16

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