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Careless Judge

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This story contains 6 high quality slides in PowerPoint format where the Lord Jesus tells the story of the unjust or careless judge. Also provided is a printable PDF activity pack.<p>DON'T GIVE UP PRAYING<p><p>Picture descriptions : <p>Scene 1: The judge having no time for God or anyone else <p>Scene 2: A widow suffering because someone in the town was doing her wrong <p>Scene 3: The widow constantly pleading with the judge who has no interest and will not help <p>Scene 4: After considering that the woman will give him peace, the judge decides to give her justice <p>Scene 5: Someone crying to God day and night <p>Scene 6: Jesus looking upward and encouraging them to show faith by continuing to pray <p><p>LESSON POINTS: <p>God always answers prayer - sometimes the answer is "yes", sometimes its "no" or sometimes it's "later". If the answer is later, its easy to lose heart and decide that continuing to pray is pointless. However, throughout his gospel, Luke frequently emphasizes the need to continue praying. In verse 1, Jesus teaches that this is something we "ought always" to do. (Spiritual application: The opportunity to pray is something that should never be taken for granted - Jesus was constantly in communion with His Father). In this parable, Jesus speaks of a judge who neither feared God or man. In contrast, he mentioned a poor widow who was suffering from an adversary, someone who was making her life miserable. She came time and time again to the same judge who didn't care about her situation. Eventually for selfish reasons, he decided to give her justice so that she would stop bothering him. Once the story had been told, Jesus then led them to consider God who would give justice to those who cry to him day and night. (Spiritual application: When we pray, it should be persistent - we shouldn't give up when God's timing seems different from ours). Unlike the careless Judge, God DOES care about every area of our lives and wants to avenge His own people. But Jesus left His hearers with a very challenging question "will the Son of man find faith on earth when He comes" - or will His people have lost their patience or will to pray when He finally returns from Heaven? (Spiritual application: Be strong and faithful - God WILL answer your prayers in His will).

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