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Calling Of The Fisherman

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Jesus calls simon, andrew, James & John

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Jesus arriving at Galilee
Scene 2: Simon and Andrew fishing in their boat
Scene 3: Jesus calling them from the shore inviting them to follow Him
Scene 4: Jesus, Andrew and Simon approach James, John and their father Zebedee who aremending their nets
Scene 5: Jesus asking James and John to follow Him
Scene 6: Leaving everything behind, the 4 fisherman follow Jesus

Lesson points:

The Bible teaches that Jesus spoke with authority - we clearly see that from this story. That men would leave their nets, theirboats and even their family and set off following a man who simply asked them to demonstrates His authority. Jesus heard thatJohn the baptist had been arrested and left Judea and returned to Galilee. Instead of going to Nazareth, He went toCapernaum, a small fishing village by the sea. It was the home village of the first disciples. Simon and Andrew were first toencounter the request from Jesus "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men". (Spiritual application: Nothing should comebefore Jesus, not even family, career, money or belongings). Further along the shore Jesus found His next two disciples, Jamesand John. They were mending nets in their boat with their father and hired commercial fishermen. At the request of Jesus tofollow Him, they also immediately left their father and former lives behind and took the opportunity to be included in thechosen 12. (Spiritual application: Too often, people fail to take opportunities to follow Jesus, they put it off till later, but sadlymany never get round to it. When we know God's instructions, we should respond immediately). Their new life following Jesusand along with the other 8 ordinary men that Jesus chose from various walks of life was an adventure. Up until then they hadcaught fish - now they would 'catch' men with the gospel. For over 3 years they would witness first hand the wonderful miraclesand teaching of Jesus. Life wouldn't be easy for the four fishermen - ultimately some of the disciples would have to give theirlives in His service. But their decision to forsake all and follow Jesus was something they would never regret. (Spiritualapplication: Following Jesus is not an easy choice to make - but it is the best and most important decision we will ever make!Jesus promises in John 10:10 that He will give us life in all its fullness.)

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