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Blind Bartimaeus

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Jesus heals a blind man

Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Blind Bartimaeus, son of Timaeus begging at Jericho
Scene 2: Bartimaeus hearing that Jesus of Nazareth was passing through the city
Scene 3: By the wayside Bartimaeus begins to cry out for Jesus to have mercy
Scene 4: Many telling Bartimaeus to be quiet and hold his peace
Scene 5: Jesus standing still while Bartimaeus answers Him and asks that he may have sight
Scene 6: Bartimaeus being healed and made whole through his faith

Lesson points:

In the gospel of Mark we meet a blind man Bartimaeus, son of Timaeus. As was common in bible times, those suffering physicaldisabilities would have to rely on begging to fund their income. Bartimaeus would sit by the wayside on the road out ofJericho. On this particular day, the blind man used his key sense - his hearing - to discover that the commotion was due to thevisit of Jesus of Nazareth to Jericho. A great crowd as well as His disciples were following the Lord, and the crowds in Jerichowere great. (Spiritual application: Jesus was famous, His miracles, signs and wonders along with His teaching and authoritymeant He had to rise a great while before the sun rose to spend time alone in prayer). What makes this story even moresignificant is the fact that Jesus was passing through Jericho for the last time - He was on His way to Jerusalem where He knewHe would be crucified. Bartimaeus was not going to miss his chance - he shouted for all his worth at the top of his voice! Thecrowd told him to be quiet, assuming that Jesus would have no interest in a lowly blind beggar...but how wrong they were! Thebible records that the maker of the Heavens and the Earth 'stood still' for this individual that He loved. (Spiritual application:Bartimaeus did not care about what others thought of Him - they tried to stop him coming to Jesus, but he was determined notto let anything get in the way - neither should we. It is still difficult to go against the crowd, but Bartimaeus would have noregrets!) Jesus asked Bartimaeus what He could do for him. His reply was that he might receive sight. Notice what Bartimaeuscalled the Lord 'Jesus, Son of David' - the blind man had 'seen' something that many had not - he understood that Jesus was therightful King, the Messiah and therefore was the only one who could have mercy on him. Bartimaeus was rewarded, not onlydid he receive sight, but Jesus said his faith had made him whole! At the end of the story after this wonderful miracle, we readthe simple words that Bartimaeus 'followed Jesus'. (Spiritual application: The changed life of Bartimaeus is an example to us all.Jesus desires that we also come to Him in our need, ask forgiveness for our sins, then follow Him.)

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