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Birth Of Samson

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Picture descriptions:

Scene 1: Manoah and his wife in the town of Zorah
Scene 2: The angel of the Lord telling Manoah's wife that she will give birth to a son who mustfollow Nazarite vows
Scene 3: Manoah prays that the Angel may return to instruct them how to raise their son
Scene 4: The Angel of the Lord appearing in the field and giving instruction
Scene 5: Ascending with the flames, Manoah fears for his life knowing whom he had seen, hiswife offering him comfort
Scene 6: Many years later Samson has grown up

Lesson points:

Several famous bible characters were born to mothers who were 'barren' - Samson was one of them. Along with Isaac, he wasthe only Old Testament character who's birth was foretold by an Angel, and Samson has his name listed in Hebrews 11 withthose of great faith. Manoah and his wife were a Godly couple - they clearly pray to, adore and worship the living God, anddisplay a desire to learn more. They lived in the longest period of captivity that Israel had to endure - 40 years under the rule ofthe Philistines. When God's people turned to Him for help, he would raise up Samson as the next deliverer of Israel. (Spiritualapplication: God will punish sin, but is willing to forgive if we ask Him to). Manoah's wife was visited by the Angel of the Lordwho informed her of the fact that she would give birth to a son who would follow Nazarite vows - amazingly she too would takeonboard the same sacrifices. Manoah was keen to know more about how to raise this child. He prayed to God and asked thatthe messenger may return, and God answered His prayer. When asked His name, the Angel of the Lord said His name was toowonderful for them to understand, and after offering guidance to them ascended amongst the flames from the altar whereManoah had given an offering. Manoah was terrified fearing that he had seen God first hand. His wife reasoned with him thatGod would not take their lives after revealing all the information and signs to them. (Spiritual application: In a strong marriagecouples confide, trust and comfort one another - Samson's mother was a Godly woman.) At his birth, they named their childSamson as instructed. He grew up and the Spirit of the Lord began to take hold of him from an early age.

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