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Supplication For The People Of God

Did you say, 'The people of God'? 'The people of God' must be one of the most unpopular titles in today's world. Each of the four words is loaded against man's common outlook: 'the', excluding others 'people', meaning ...


The Scourge Of Unemployment

Many Christians struggle with the difficulties of unemployment. However, as with all the trials of life, God can both help us through unemployment and use a period of unemployment to strengthen our spiritual walk and draw us closer to Him. ...


North Atlantic Winds Of Change


Without Blemish And Without Spot

Those who live in close communion with God are deeply conscious of personal sin. The believer enjoying fellowship with God is aware of having inherited a fallen nature. Paul realized that there was conflict raging in the arena of his ...


Faith's Willing Subjection

Isaac's growth through boyhood to teens and young manhood must have fascinated his father. For this was his only son by Sarah, uniquely marked out by God as the one who would be heir with Abraham of God's promises, both ...


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