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Pointers From The Patriarchs


Information Overload

The problem Many of us grapple with numerous sources of information, trying to see which are useful. 'Junk mail' pours in; instruction manuals abound; 'essential reading' escalates; the internet is a seemingly unfathomable global repository of digital information (and misinformation). ...


Highlighting Sorcery

J. K. Rowling of Edinburgh has rocketed to wealth and fame through her children's novels about Harry Potter, the bespectacled boy wizard. The phenomenal popularity of the series has resulted in sales of 150 million copies worldwide to date. There ...


A Living Sacrifice


Run And Wrestle

In athletics there are sprinters, middle and long distance runners and those who participate in field events. The Christian life is more like a long distance race than a sprint. The sprinter needs energy for a short burst of speed; ...


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