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Collective Worship

A church is enlarged in various ways, and different indicators must be used to assess growth. One area where a church of God may have growth is with respect to its collective worship. This article will attempt to describe some ...


Men Of Outstanding Capability

That's what the men of the Hebronites are called in 1 Chronicles 26:31, 'men of outstanding capability or mighty men of valour' (RV)! Their relatives in the same passage are called 'capable men or men of valour' (RV), but these ...


God Holds The Key


Creator Revealed And Rejected

We saw when we thought about Paul's opening words to the Roman Christians that he very quickly stated in crystal clear terms the power and effectiveness of the gospel which he was setting out to expound, 'the power of God ...


The Great Woman Of Shunem

When Elisha was passing through the town of Shunem, maybe on his round of visits to the sons of the prophets, a godly woman invited him into her home. She recognized him as a holy man of God. She is ...


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