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Jul 1999 - Editorial

This month's article in the series Lovers of God's House draws valuable lessons, but makes sad reading. When the Israelites left Egypt they lacked a cohesive national identity. They were a motley group of families, demoralized by years ...


Lessons From Betrayal

Israel divided God promised to tear the kingdom from Solomon and give it to Solomon's servant because having turned away his heart from the Lord Solomon went after other gods. Nevertheless I will not do it in your days for ...


The Church Of Christ, Scientist

About its Founder Under this title Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy of Boston, USA, incorporated the religious organisation which she had been developing for several years. She had published her book Science and Health with Key to Scriptures in ...


An Apostle's Anxieties

We stay this month to glean further instruction from the Church of God in Corinth. It will be recalled that Paul and his helpers had pioneered with the gospel in that city, where some Jews and many pagans were ...



Faithfulness is one of the great attributes of God, an integral part of His divine nature. Israel were assured, 'Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God; the faithful God...' (Deut. 7:9). David the Psalmist could ...


Preparing A Home

The night the Lord Jesus was betrayed was a troubled night for His disciples. They were fearful and uncertain, and understandably so. The Master knew what was happening, 'that his hour was come that he should depart out ...


Stones For Building

It is both interesting and instructive to reflect on some of the details about the building of the Temple of God in Solomon's time. In 1 Kings 6:7, this interesting piece of information is given: 'In building the temple, ...


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