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Apr 1999 - Editorial

Why do we discourage the use of pictures and artists' impressions of the Lord Jesus? That was a question recently posed to me and one answer surely lies in the words of 2 Corinthians 5:16 '...even though we have ...


Life-long Love: The Dedication Of Samuel

His background Samuel's parents were resolute in the worship of the Lord, going up to Shiloh, where the house of the Lord then was, at least once a year (cp. 1 Sam. 1:3 with Luke 2:41 and Ex. 23: 14). ...


Hearing And Seeing

In Genesis 16 we read the sad account of Hagar, the bondwoman of Abraham and Sarah, who, goaded by the severe persecution of her mistress, fled from her presence into the wilderness. There, by a 'fountain of water', she ...


The Birth Of The Euro

It was a major event by any standard when at the beginning of this year eleven member states of the European Union implemented the single European currency. One politician described it as 'the most important development in Europe since ...


'As For God His Way Is Perfect'

'As for God, his way is perfect', we read in Psalm 18:30. But at times we find it very hard to understand the way He is leading us. As when the Israelites had been delivered from Egypt and ...


God As God (Part 1)

INTRODUCTION We have come to know and to be known of God, yet we too, like Job, confess, 'Behold God is great and we know him not', or as the NIV puts it, 'beyond our understanding'. God has given ...


Let Be

Are we describing a parent's rebuke to a restless child? No! We are quoting a line from a song of the sons of Korah which says, 'Be still, and know that I am God' (Ps. 46:10). For Korah's ...


Is There A Purpose?

'I feel sorry for people like you. You are looking for a purpose to life, when the fact is, there is none!' I recently heard this remark directed at a Christian by an atheist. Many people today ...


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