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Mar 1999 - Editorial

The current series of articles on New Testament Churches of God brings a fresh presentation of a vital theme of scriptural truth for our time. Since Needed Truth was first published over 100 years ago, this theme has been ...


Betrothal Love

The relationship between God and His people, and between the people and God's house, begins with God Himself. There is always a tendency in human nature to claim some initiative, or some startling new discovery; but in reality, it ...



Like the first readers of Psalm 68, we can pretty well understand the force of verse 18. The enemies have been conquered, and the Victor leads His captives in demonstration of absolute triumph. Captives under authority Paul takes up ...


The Wye River Memorandum


A Vibrant Church In Action

Let us draw further guidance and inspiration from the activities of the first Church of God in Jerusalem. As recorded in Acts chapter 2 a tremendous spiritual movement developed through the apostles' witness. The number in the Church ...


Mephibosheth And The Covenant



When a particular attribute or characteristic is associated with the Lord Jesus Christ then it surely would be our ambition to emulate that quality. What greater attribute is there than compassion, the one which maintains our very continuance in ...


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