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Feb 1999 - Editorial

When Abraham believed in the Lord (Gen. 15:6), he received the assurance that God purposed to give him the land where he then was, to inherit it, and this was confirmed when God made mention of a fourth generation who ...


The Jerusalem Prototype

Last month we were considering the scriptural use of the word 'church' and noticed the vital contrast in our New Testament between the Church which is the Body of Christ and the Churches of God. We learned that from ...


'Full Of Grace And Truth'

He was an old soldier of the Cross when he wrote the words. The disciple whom Jesus loved had marked his Master's every act and gesture, had attended to His every word since that never-to-be-forgotten day which he and ...


Promise Keepers

What promises? and who are keeping them? Promises to which many thousands of men in North America have pledged themselves since this movement was founded by Bill McCartney seven years ago. McCartney was a highly successful football coach who ...


A Patriarch's Glimpse

Last month we looked at a definition of the house of God and saw that while it was God's house and therefore holy and special to God it was the privilege of men and women to work at it and ...


'Them That Honour Me,i Will Honour'

These words, spoken to Eli by an anonymous 'man of God' (1 Sam. 2:30), achieved great notoriety when quoted in the epic film about the Paris Olympics 'Chariots of Fire' - Eric Liddell, a born-again believer who subsequently spent his ...


A Meditation On Psalm 84

This psalm is attributed to the sons of Korah. Their forebear was a rebellious man and he lost his life because he despised God's word. The earth opened her mouth and swallowed him up, along with his companions ...


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