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Dec 1999 - Editorial

We now live in an 'information' age, according to popular economic theory. Centuries of economic concentration in the resource of land, and its agricultural use, gave place to mass-produced products of machines after the industrial revolution. The age ...


Advance Into Europe

Paul and Silas were puzzled! They had travelled north-west from their base, the Church of God in Syrian Antioch, in order to revisit the churches in Galatia. Then they wished to carry the message still farther west into ...


The Turkish Earthquake

Last August a fearful disaster overtook thousands in North-West Turkey. At about 3 a.m. on August 14 a severe earthquake struck a wide area, shaking the ground violently for forty-five seconds, suddenly burying thousands of sleeping families in the ...


Preparing The People

As we come to the concluding article in our present series it is good to remind ourselves what we learn from 1 John 4 about love. Firstly in verse 7 he tells us, 'love is of God' - that ...


The Lord's Coming To The Earth

In this closing meditation on the parousia of the Lord Jesus we return to the words of Revelation 1:7 which are quoted from the Revised Version in four suggested sections line by line: Behold, he cometh with the clouds; and ...


People, Not Problems

The Formula One motor racing successes of Frank Williams are world famous. In 1997 he won the Grand Prix Constructor's Championships for the ninth time. Whilst he enjoys international motor racing success, it may be a surprise to ...


In Spirit And In Truth

They stood at the well together, the Samaritan woman who had known the rejection of human lovers, and the One who loved her with all the love of God. The Lord had to go to Samaria, itself a prompting ...


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