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Nov 1999 - Editorial

'It is the Lord', John exclaimed joyfully as he grappled with the multitude of fishes swarming into the net. It dawned on him like a flash. The Stranger on the beach was their Lord and Master. Who ...


Outreach To Galatia

What can we learn from the New Testament record about churches of God in the Roman province of Galatia, an area which now forms part of modern Turkey? So far in this series we have looked at individual churches of ...


Looking, Waiting, Being Like Him

There is no lasting satisfaction to be found in the world, in worldly things or worldly labour. That fact King Solomon established beyond all doubt in the book of Ecclesiastes. He examined everything that the world had to ...


Israel's New Direction

Ehud Barak decisively won Israel's general election last May, and came to office as Prime Minister with policy objectives very different from his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu. In particular he was committed to urgent initiatives for the acceleration of the ...


Israel's Prophetic Vision

It is not the whole truth that time proves prophecy. Time also shows that a prophet whose prophecy fails is a false prophet (Deut. 18:22). But a prophet whose word comes to pass may also be false, since ...


From Affliction To Acceptance

The most famous Christian in the New Testament had a disability. He travelled thousands of miles, shared the gospel at every opportunity, founded churches across Asia and was a prolific letter writer. The apostle Paul achieved all this ...


The Faithful Servant

Confusion prevails! Defeat is inevitable! You can imagine such headlines if an army of soldiers were each left to decide for themselves the course of action to take in any situation. Some would insist that their opinion must ...


'After Eight Days'

When the risen Lord appeared to His fearful disciples on 'the first day of the week', He stood among them and said, 'Peace be unto you' (John 20:19). Then He showed them His hands and side. His voice ...


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