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Sep 1996 - Notes On Psalm 6 - Bible Studies 1964

David says that there is no memorial of God in death, and 'in Sheol who shall give Thee thanks?' It may be well to quote one or two scriptures in the connexion in which we are writing: The dead praise ...


Sep 1996 - Editorial

'FOCUS' this month will surely provoke two responses in our hearts; thankfulness for liberty of worship which so many of us enjoy (and so often take for granted) and resolve to remember more prayerfully fellow-Christians living under oppressive regimes. Most ...


Barnabus And John Mark

We have no record of anything that Barnabas wrote in the canon of Scripture, no report of the content of any great message that he preached, yet he made an impact on situations and left an impression on people that ...


The Final Steps

John tells us that Jesus 'went out bearing the Cross for Himself. In His incarnation He first emptied Himself, then humbled Himself; and ultimately He carried His own Cross. When Abraham and Isaac went off alone to climb Mount Moriah ...


Persecution In China

It was in January 1994 that the Chinese authorities introduced the infamous 'Decree No.145', an attempt to bring all Christian groups within the close supervision of the Religious Affairs Bureau. The Decree continues to be an instrument of oppression for ...


For The Ephesians (3:14-21)

'Ephesians' was probably written during Paul's first imprisonment at Rome (AD 60-64) where he was kept under house arrest. He was literally 'an ambassador in chains' (Eph. 6:20); chained to a soldier night and day. To appreciate this gives us ...


It Is Finished

How often are the things we start not finished? How often can we honestly say that what we set out to do has been finished to our satisfaction? Too often, the house repair is not finished off, the letter not ...



The psalmist wrote '...the godly man ceaseth' (12:1). There has never been a lot of godly people in the world. It is not possible to pretend godliness; how then is true godliness or holiness to be identified? What is godliness? ...


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